Review on TEAC X300i iPod Dock

The emergence of iPod docks has dramatically changed the world of iPods. Though it is a little funny because when people developed the iPod, it was intended to replace the Disc Man, making digital music listening more compact, more mobile and more handy. But then again, developers were never satisfied on its phase.

And now, began the development of docks making your digital music player become a component by just simply plugging it to the dock.

Guess what, here come Teac X300i, one of the sleekest design that I ever saw.

This latest iPod dock from Teac supports, CD-R/RW, MP3 audio files, AM/FM radio and boasts of a maximum output power of 5Wx2 + 15W (w/ subwoofer). What makes it sleek is the NXT technology of flat speakers. What more? It is compatible up to the fourth generation of iPods.

This model will be soon released to the market on January 2009. Projected price is 235 Euros.

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