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How to Add Adsense Within a Post In Blogger

Blogger made it easier to embed Adsense using the gadgets. But they don’t have the automatic feature in embedding Adsense within the post. What I don’t like with this method is that, your blog really looks like a “NEWBIE” blog. We want our blogs to look like a professional blog while earning a good deal of income with the most effective monetization model.

It’s easy to add Adsense on the sidebar, in between posts, and even above the posts. But we want more than that. We want to ad Adsense within each post pages. Not in the archives, not in the home page, but within the post pages.

Fact: Most blogs who have used Adsense effectively places Adsense within the top and side portion of the posts below the header line.

With this, I tried my best to have a little research on embedding Adsense within the post matched with the text wrapping of the content of the post. Now, this is very tricky because not all methods of embedding Adsense worked for me. This is why I am very eager to make a post on this so that you can try it for yourself if this can work for your template.

Disclaimer: This method worked for me. If you follow this, it’s completely up to you but I don’t have any responsibility on your blog.

Step 1. Log to Your Blogger Account and Back Up Your Template.
First things first; back up your existing blog. You can do this by simply following these instructions:

1.    Log-in to your blogger account.
2.    Click  Design
3.    Click Edit HTML
4.    Click Download Full Template

The Download will automatically start and save it to your PC. Please note that it is just an xml code. It’s not a virus, but it is composed of codes containing the template of your blog. After downloading you can simply check it by using Notepad or Gedit.

Step 2 Get the Ad Codes and Parse It
. Open a new window and go to Login to your account and set up the best Ad that you want. I recommend that you use 300 x 250 px Ad within the content. Once you set it up, copy paste the codes to Notepad or Gedit (which I highly recommend than Notepad)

Now you need to parse the Ad codes. You will have to open a new window and Google it. But here’s the link that I used for parsing:
Copy paste your Ad code to the space provided and click “Parse”. Your new code will look like this: 

Step 3. Add some codes. What I mean is, you will have to add a div tag codes to wrap it within the post. But if you don’t want to wrap it, leave it as it is. But I love to wrap Ads within the post. It gives more beauty and have a more professional look.  So your new code will look like this:

Note: Some blogs recommend other methods like modifying the CSS codes. But this one works for me.

Step 4. Embed the codes to your blog. Go back to “Edit HTML” (DON’T FORGET TO TICK THE EXPAND WIDGET TEMPLATE) then follow the instructions below:

1.    Ctrl-F. This will open the “Find Bar”
2.    Type in:   data:post.body
3.    Press Enter
4.    Click Next, until you find the “last”  data:post.body
5.    Once you find it, copy paste the code that you have parsed with the div tags just before the

In my case I have this code:

 Therefore you need to copy paste the parsed Adsense code in between to look like this:

Click “Save Template”

That’s it. You will be able to see your Adsense wrapped within the post.

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Characteristics Of a Good Blog

After browsing and having my own little research, here are the things that I found as the characteristics of a good blog. May you find this helpful.

Search Engine Friendly

A good blog should be search engine friendly. Though Site Build It would say that blogging is less than a website due to some reasons, and one of those reasons is about Search Engine ranking, I would say that time have probably changed.

Today, there are hundreds of blogs now that ranks well on Search Engines. Some are even better than websites. It is because many blogs now looks like a website, and some are even more highly optimized than websites. So I believe that Search Engines now have respected blogs as well as they respect the real websites.

Easily Navigated

Have you seen a blog that is hard to follow due to poor navigation system within the blog? Visitors should easily see what to browse. Navigation bars should invite your blog visitor to click more, not just the ads but the content itself.

I find this a challenge especially in my early years of blogging. I was torn between the two; whether or not to place an ad, or navigation bar. Now I finally understand that between a nav bar or an ad, nav bar would turn out to be a more important one because it encourages the visitor to stay a little longer within your blog.

Open For All Commenting System
Perhaps this one depends on really on the purpose of the blog. There are blogs that were really intended for members only, while there are blogs that are open for general public.

If you have a blog, I would recommend that you go to Settings and Click Comments, and make sure that you highlight beside “Who can comment?” the “Anyone”. This will encourage your visitor to place some comments on it freely and without a hassle. And before I forget, also check that it was set to “Always” beside the “Comment moderation”. This is to guard safe your blog against SPAM.

Possess the Real Good Content
As the old blog gurus said, “Content is the King”. Good content accompanied by SEO means more visitors. Having the real good content means repeat visitors and more subscribers. There are thousands of blogs out there that were mainly made for their own selves and not for anybody else.

Some were made out of one purpose, “MONEY”. Well, blogs can be made for that, but real good content can produce more of that. If your content is helpful to people, it attracts more readers, subscribers, and Search Engines.


I added this one because I believe that there should be a payback for all your labor. It’s tiring to work on something that does not pay you back. It’s hard to pursue a business that does not have any profit and all the more if it did not even produced a single cent. Why should you continue blogging if it can’t even pay your hosting and domain bills?

The idea of blogging is, enjoying your life writing about things that you love the most, while at the same time earning for it.
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How To Install Sexy Bookmark Plugin On Blogger

Sexy Bookmark plugin was originally created for Wordpress. And many Blogger users find this as a better social bookmark plugin than Sociable plugin. So, as a reslt, Blogger users made a way to install this. But it requires little technical skill.

 It is challenging to install this in Blogger since you will be dealing with codes… AGAIN… But you don’t have to worry because it is doable.

But just a note, not all themes are compatible with this process. Especially that some themes does not use the code:  

Here's the link for the detailed instruction: CLICK HERE

Hoping that you will be successful in installing this great Social Bookmarking plugin.
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