Jamm Mouse Review

My brother just arrived and gave me three gadgets, whose brand is Jamm. I already posted a review about the MP3 Player, and now, I want to give a brief review of the mouse.

This optical mouse is very portable, with a neat roller for easy keeping. It is much more like a regular mouse except that it is too small.

This mouse is literally a mouse size. It is too small that I think it is only good for kids.

I tried using it and it functions well. But my hand really aches after a while.

If you are only going to use the mouse for typing purposes or for a few minutes, then I think this mouse is great. But if you are planning to use your computer or laptop for a long time, then I advice you to get a bigger one.
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Jamm MP3 Player Review

Have you seen this tiny little MP3 player. For sure this is not the latest MP3 player, but it does posses some neat characteristics to be branded as "cool"

This tiny gadget has a memory of 1G. It looks much more a USB Flash drive than an MP3 Player. It has a smaller jack-in compared to the regular MP3 Player. It has 2 sets of buttons, Vol-/Back and Forward/Vol+.

What's funny about this MP3 Player is that, it doesn't have a turn on/off button. The player automatically turns-on if you plug in the jack of the earphone and automatically shuts down if you plug it out.

It doesn't come with charger since you don't need one. All you have to do is to plug it in USB port of your PC and it automatically charge itself.

What I don't know as of the moment is how long can it play. What I only tried is to plug it for 2 hours, and played it for about 2 hours also. I think it can go further because it did not stop even after 2 hours.
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