Review Of Printer Lexmark Z515

This printer might be out of market now because this model has been issued about 5 years ago and I must be probably one of the few who have it first. Amazingly, when I checked the market, there are still many online companies that are selling this model, or at least an upgraded model of this amazing printer. Because I have been very satisfied with this printer product of Lexmark, I want to make a review of it.

This printer is capable of printing 12 pages per minute for black and 7 pages per minute for colored. It is has a 4800 x1200 dpi maximum. Click Here for complete specification.

But what really amazes me with this printer is its durability, consistency, and flexibility.

Durability – This printer is probably 85% made up of plastic. But printers like this should not be measured to what it is made of, but to how long it lasts. My Lexmark Z515 is still good and running until now, and it is already 5 years old. It's printing capabillity has never changed a bit. It still fast, still reliable.

Estimatedly, I have printed not less than 5,000 pages already.

Consistency – This printer is consistent in its performance. Once set up, everything will be very easy. Unlike other printers, some are really complicated to operate especially when there are printing failures. I never re-installed the printer driver again once I set it up on a computer. Unlike some printing programs that can easily be corrupted.

I also like the printing program installed. It talks!!! I haven't seen any printer driver that have this kind of software (well at least for the printers that I know of).

The printing result is very nice. The draft mode for text printing is almost good as it was set up in a normal mode. By this, you will be able to save more ink and evidently print more pages.

Flexibility – This printer works even if you have only one cartridge, whether you only have a black cartridge or a colored cartridge, it doesn't matter. It will still work.

Another thing that I can add to its flexibility is its adaptability to adapt itself for ink refills. Just like HP printers, this printer can be refilled using an ink injection refill. You can refill the cartridge up to 3 times before replacing the cartridge

This printer is very light, small, foldable, but reliable.

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