Mini Notebooks: The Down Side

It cannot be denied that mini notebooks such as Asus Eee and HP 2133 have already gained a market. These notebooks can definitely do the basic works of a laptop. But what are the down side of these mini notebooks?

1. Currently (because there might be a change in the future), mini notebooks have a smaller storage capacity. Asus Eee, when it first came out the market was very attractive, yet when I tried to check its hard drive, it is only 4 G. And what software can you install with 4G now?

2. Most of them don't have a CD/DVD drive. This is a downside especially if you are a movie watcher. Currently, a flash drive with 8G is still a little expensive. Furthermore, you will have to put all your software in your CD or DVD in your flash drive first before you will be able to install your favorite software into these mini notebooks. And for all you know, CD/DVD is not yet out in the market. And even if it will, Blue Ray is still their close relative.

3. Most Mini Notebooks have a smaller RAM. This caused me to think more if I really need a mini notebook or not. We all know that in a computer, there are generally 3 things that we have to see in the specification to know whether or not, our PC is fast; the processor, RAM, and the video card. Either one of those is slow, it will greatly affect the speed of your PC/laptops.

4. Most of them are more expensive when it comes to "cost-benefit" analysis. I would say that if I have to choose a laptop that cost $300 vs. a mini notebook that cost $200, I will still choose the $300 especially if their specs differences are far apart.

5. Most of them have more limited capabilities. I used to think before that Mini Notebooks can do whatever the regular laptops can. But as of now, I am convinced that it still cannot outdo the regular laptops in its capabilities. If we are only going to consider these downside and we really value our money, regular laptops can definitely trash mini notebooks out.

In the end, as buyers we are still the one to decide. If you are always on the move and you doesn't have to consider the downsides that I have mentioned, then feel free to have one. I can say that they are still cool gadgets. It's just I want to value my money especially in times of crisis.

But, there is no doubt that mini laptops manufacturers can make their products more attractive in the future by improving the RAM, hard drive, and its other features in lower prices. Then, I should have no reason why not buy mini notebooks.
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Sony Ericson C510 Review

Sony Ericson Cyber-Shot is one of my dream phones. This is why I am not getting my eyes off from this series. Surprisingly, Sony Ericson's C510 has made a great leap in its cellphone photo-technology.

To have a little glance of its specifications:

Cybershot UI 2.0
2.2″ QVGA display
3.2 megapixel camera with autofocus and QVGA video
Smile Shutter
Face detection, BestPic, Photo fix
160 Mb built-in memory + M2 card slot

Its Smile Shutter feature made this phone unique from its predecessors. All you have to do is to smile and shot. By also having 3.2Megapixel camera with autofocus, it can certainly overtake your personal digital camera.

All I hope is that Sony Ericson will release this as an affordable Cyber Shot issue.
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Gparted Compatible With Acer 4330

Yesterday, I downloaded the so-called "Gparted" software. It is a totally free software used in Ubuntu (I think in all Linux OS), that makes it easier to create a partition without necessarily erasing everything in your hard drive. But for safety purposes, please back up all your files first before partitioning your drive.

Here's a simple procedure:

First, download the Gparted from Source Forge. It is about 95 MB which means that it may take a while in downloading it.

Next is to burn the CD image that you just have downloaded in a CD. Do not burn it merely as a data file, burn the CD image so that you'll get the files rightly embeded in your CD.

Then reboot in that CD. To do this, you need to go back to your CMOS (just before booting, press F2. For other laptops, you can enter your CMOS by pressing Delete. Please do note thatt different laptops may have different keys in entering CMOS) and set your priority booting to your CD/DVD drive. Save and exit then restart your system. This time, it should reboot on your Gparted CD.

Once it booted, be sure to choose choice 2 for you to be able to eject the CD after booting. Then it will continue to load the rest of the files. After booting in your CD, everything should be self-explanatory. It is much simpler than partitioning windows.

Please note that once you hit the "Apply" you are ready to partition your hard drive and it may take a while to finish it.

After doing so, eject the CD, reboot again and go back to your CMOS, then reset your priority boot to your hard drive. If you have done it correctly, you should see another partition of your hard drive when you click "Places" in your Menu Tab.
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UBUNTU Desktop Effects

I have been a fan of UBUNTU when I have seen that it can do things as what windows can do. But when it comes to desktop, I assure you that UBUNTU is still far better than what windows has to offer.

One of the best thing that you have to know about UBUNTU desktop is the Compiz or also known as the "compositing manager". It gives your desktop animation effects, and the "cube" thing that you haven't seen in your windows.

If you are familiar with the cube (Beryl) in Ubuntu and is looking for it, it is combined now with the compiz.

If you are interested to try ubuntu, why not download it from If you are using windows and you feel that you are not yet ready to abandon windows, you can install ubuntu just like the ordinary softwares embedded in your windows. If you won't like it, you can simply uninstall it. But I do encourage you to try.

If you have installed it, click here for more information about ubuntu desktop effects.
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