How To Activate All Messengers At The Same Time

Do you have multiple Internet Messengers like Yahoo, Gmail, AIM, etc all at the same time? If you do, isn't it too hastle to login to all of them one at a time just to check if your friend is online?

There's an answer to this hastle. I just discovered this great feature, so better listen carefully.

You can integrate all your Internet Messengers all at the same time. How? You can do this by using the messenger client called Pidgin. All you have to do is to install it in your computer. After installation, you just have to create all your accounts from different messengers once.

Once you log in and start using it, you can automatically check all your contacts from different messengers.

You can download this great software here:

Note: Please do note that Pidgin does not have a webcam nor audio features. This means that you cannot use your webcams and webmics when using this software. This is the only disadvantage for this program. Other than this, Pidgin is definitely great.
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