Best Software Programs In Ubuntu For Internet Marketers

As I said in my previous article, if you are an internet marketer, I strongly suggest that you try UBUNTU Linux. But what are the programs that you can use as an internet marketer in Ubuntu? Can it really substitute Windows for its programs?

Here are the list of programs that you can best use in internet marketing using UBUNTU.

Open Office – I think this is a must for any office based jobs. Of course you want to create documents, files etc. In here, I will make this very important statement, Open Office is not a substitute for MS Office, it is a complete REPLACEMENT for MS Office. This set comes with Open Office Writer (Word equivalence), Spreadsheet (Excel equivalence), Presentation (Power Point Equivalence), Drawing.

Kompozer – This is a totally FREE Page Maker. This is what you might have heard from other internet marketers. If you have been with Affiliorama, this is what Mark Ling is suggesting to have. This is what they call before as NVU. NVU stopped its development now, but Kompozer continued the project. This is a very good substitute for Dreamweaver.

GIMP – The equivalence of this software in windows is the Adobe Photoshop. It is a little weird to use if it is your first time. But if you have been using it for a week, you will find out that GIMP can equal the ability of Adobe Photoshop (depending to your expertise in GIMP). One comment though, I haven't seen yet a developer who develops an action scripts for GIMP to create ebook covers. For sure it is possible to develop but as of the moment, this is really a big set back for GIMP if you are an internet marketer who wants to create an ebook cover. But if you know GIMP and you are reading this, perhaps you might want to share your talent for everybody that you will try to work on developing action scripts for ebook cover making using GIMP. Other than this, I would say, GIMP is really a potential substitute to the expensive Adobe Photoshop.

WINE – This another unique software of UBUNTU. This software will allow you to install and work on windows based programs. Though, I am afraid that it is not yet in its best right now, believe me, this will continue to become better and better. Time will come that even those softwares in windows that you really cannot get rid of will not be a problem in installing it and working in it using UBUNTU.

FileZilla – This is a FREE FTP Client. In the net you will find lots of FTP softwares sold between $20-30. I have tried one of them. Just within three days, the software begin to crash and bug down. Then in my personal research, I have found this Linux based FTP Client. I would say this is the best FTP. Until now, I haven't experienced crashing and errors using this excellent File Transfer Protocol.

Firefox – Of course you know this outstanding internet browser even if you are using windows. This is the default internet browser of UBUNTU.

There you have it, the five essential tools for internet marketing. Take note, all of them are free. If you are using windows, there should be no problem either. You can still have them because all of these softwares where also made available for windows. The only difference is that, if your operating system is windows, then I am afraid that it will be infected with virus (which is most likely to happen), you will have to reinstall them all over again. Unlike if you use a Linux based OS, then it is at least more safe from these nasty computer viruses.

What are you going to do now? Try UBUNTU.

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Ubuntu and Internet Marketing

Some internet marketers refrain from using Linux OS because many of them does not know how to use it to the max. But I think, every internet marketer should learn how to use it for several reasons.

First of all, for safety reasons. There are thousands and perhaps hundreds of thousands kind of viruses out there in the big vast world wide web. Many people like hackers are trying to invade Microsoft just to prove the point that their system is weak and will always have loopholes in security. But Linux on the other hand is different, most Linux programs are made by the people itself. Let us say Ubuntu. By the name itself, it says Linux for human beings. It is totally free software.

Most people who protect Ubuntu were driven by passion and love to people who cannot afford to buy security softwares for their computers. Unlike in windows, most of those people who are there to protect it were driven by money.

This is the uniqueness of Ubuntu and other Linux operating systems. This is why it is almost virus free, and if there is, it is very rare. We can see here that it is more safe to use Linux, in my case Ubuntu, compared to windows based operating systems.

Secondly, for economic reasons. The world today has been plagued by crisis. And I am pretty sure that if you are an internet marketer or even just an ordinary person, you will really avoid spending much money. Well guess what? Windows based operating system will cost you hundreds of dollars just for you to acquire all the things that you need for your computer, Operating System, Anti Virus, Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Office, DreamWeaver, PDF maker, etc.

In Ubuntu, it is totally free. And all these programs have it's own equivalence even the anti virus (though most linux doesn't have anti virus because there is almost no virus in linux).

XP, VISTA vs. UBUNTU, Mandriva, OpenSuse, etc.

Adobe Photoshop vs. GIMP

MS Office vs. Open Office

DreamWeaver vs. Kompozer (formerly NVU)

Commercial PDF makers vs. Open Office direct PDF making

All these softwares are free. Though I really cannot tell which is best, but if one of your main categories is economical, Linux based programs will have the most points. But if you will count the “user friendly” aspect, then “maybe” windows based programs will still win. But then again it is all up to you to decide.

Finally, if you are really looking for some “real” colleagues, Ubuntu will really be one of the best. Ubuntu has the best forum on the net. I have been around the forum for a months now, and wow, there are really lots of people who loves to help you. No hidden secrets about Ubuntu. They will tell you how to troubleshoot your own computer.

So there you are. If you are a newbie in internet marketing and really want to get ahead start without spending a dime (granted that you already have your own pc), then you can try UBUNTU.

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