Koobface, Infesting Facebook And Other Social Sites

There has been a report of another social site virus that has been released in World Wide Web. It is said that the virus is dangerous and whose main agenda is to infest the social networking cookies then making a DNS query to check IP addresses that correspond to remote domain. Once it is located, it will then go to log-in sessions using the user's log-in name and password stored in your cookies. It will then search for your other friend users then sends HTTP POST request to the server. (Trend Micro)

In short, Koobface will make auto messages and sends it to your friends. The message have the link from other sites containing this worm. Once it was clicked and downloaded, then it will infect your friend's computers and repeat the cycle all over again.

Please do note that one of the variants of this virus is in the form of fake YouTube Videos.

Source: Yahoo Tech News

Concerning this virus, I don't know if this virus is similar to the spam that we I used to receive in our Friendster account. In my experience, those video clips will be posted in my “comments”. The video picture usually has a lady wearing an underware garments acting to change her clothes. And once you click on the video, it will bring you not in YouTube site but in another site.

I received those comment messages almost all the time before. And when I tried to delete them, it will reappear again. To my surprise, some of them were posted automatically in my profile.

If these kinds of spam messages is related to Koobface, I don't know. But I think the actions is very similar to what has been reported.

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CD-R King USB Vaccum Cleaner Review

Just right before I bought my Acer Aspire 4330, I already looked for some add-on tools that I can use to protect my laptop against the harmful environments. This lead me to look for a highly portable vaccum cleaner.

Vaccum cleaner for laptop is not available to all computer stores. I have seen some who sells it but the price is really too expensive which makes me think twice whether or not, I will buy one. Until one day, I found out that CD-R King is selling a hand held, USB Vaccum Cleaner for laptops.

I thought that it was very expensive. To my surprise, its only Php120.00. A very useful tool that helps preserve your laptop keyboard from dust.

This amazing vaccum does not need a battery. All you have to do is to plug it in a USB port and turn it on.

It comes with two kinds of nozzles. One has a brush, while the other one is designed to suck heavier objects like screws that is stucked in tiny areas of your laptop.

Concerning durability, I am not really sure on how durable it is. The body is made out of ordinary plastic. In my opinion, it is not that durable and probably won't last a year if used everyday. But considering the price... I think it is more than fair for its service.

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Block Speaker iPod Dock

Are you a fun of Lego? Well, who says it's only for the kids? A Lego like Block Speaker iPod dock has been released in the market. Though these exciting speakers is not really a registered product of Lego, I am sure that it will really have an appeal to Lego fans. By the way, I am not also sure if these block speakers fit the other blocks.

It does not run with batteries, so we can guess that it is getting power from the iPod itself. And for such, it will cause the iPod's battery to run out faster.

So here's the real package deal, buying this block speakers would give you two main things. First, it will serve its purpose as an iPod dock, and secondly, play and improve its look by using other Lego blocks.

When I was a kid, I really love playing lego. I love making space command centers and spaceships with Lego soldiers in it. So sad, these things are not yet available in my childhood. But perhaps, it not yet too late for me to try if I have a chance.

The reported price of these block speakers are: 39.99 pounds and $24.99 respectively.

Source: coolest-gadgets.com

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Extra Income From Paypal

Paypal is the most popular method of paying / accepting and receiving money through the internet. And I think, it is also the biggest in its business. For the past few years, Paypal has evolved into a user and business friendly payment system. With Paypal, paying and accepting payment online has never been easy.

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

In addition to this, Paypal has an affiliate system which can be an additional income for its members. All you have to do is to encourage people to open an account in Paypal by clicking your affiliate link and fill up the online application form. There's no need to worry because opening an account is completely free.

When your friends opened an account through your affiliate link and they begun to send money or pay online using paypal, you will receive a small percentage of payment and this will be your affiliate income. The more people you refer and the more people among them sends payment, the more income you earn.

But before you do that you need to be a member of paypal yourself (CLICK HERE TO OPEN AN ACCOUNT IF YOU STILL DON'T HAVE ONE). After becoming a member, go to the “Referral” at the buttom of the page and get your personal affiliate link that you can post in your emails and webpages.

What are you waiting? Open your account now!!!

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

NOTE: The Referral system does not credit payments made through eBay.
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