CD-R King USB Vaccum Cleaner Review

Just right before I bought my Acer Aspire 4330, I already looked for some add-on tools that I can use to protect my laptop against the harmful environments. This lead me to look for a highly portable vaccum cleaner.

Vaccum cleaner for laptop is not available to all computer stores. I have seen some who sells it but the price is really too expensive which makes me think twice whether or not, I will buy one. Until one day, I found out that CD-R King is selling a hand held, USB Vaccum Cleaner for laptops.

I thought that it was very expensive. To my surprise, its only Php120.00. A very useful tool that helps preserve your laptop keyboard from dust.

This amazing vaccum does not need a battery. All you have to do is to plug it in a USB port and turn it on.

It comes with two kinds of nozzles. One has a brush, while the other one is designed to suck heavier objects like screws that is stucked in tiny areas of your laptop.

Concerning durability, I am not really sure on how durable it is. The body is made out of ordinary plastic. In my opinion, it is not that durable and probably won't last a year if used everyday. But considering the price... I think it is more than fair for its service.

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