Block Speaker iPod Dock

Are you a fun of Lego? Well, who says it's only for the kids? A Lego like Block Speaker iPod dock has been released in the market. Though these exciting speakers is not really a registered product of Lego, I am sure that it will really have an appeal to Lego fans. By the way, I am not also sure if these block speakers fit the other blocks.

It does not run with batteries, so we can guess that it is getting power from the iPod itself. And for such, it will cause the iPod's battery to run out faster.

So here's the real package deal, buying this block speakers would give you two main things. First, it will serve its purpose as an iPod dock, and secondly, play and improve its look by using other Lego blocks.

When I was a kid, I really love playing lego. I love making space command centers and spaceships with Lego soldiers in it. So sad, these things are not yet available in my childhood. But perhaps, it not yet too late for me to try if I have a chance.

The reported price of these block speakers are: 39.99 pounds and $24.99 respectively.


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