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Have you seen that your computer gets mad at you??? Be careful, computers are alive.:) Hehehehe....
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How To Enable Your CD-R King Wireless Router LP-8186

The other day, somebody gave us a wireless router of CD-R King model LP-8186. It really gave me a headache in activating it and it took me more than a day to finally solve the mystery behind in setting it up.

I visited the CD-R King website and tried to talk to their tech support. Fortunately, their tech support are very friendly and very helpful.

I tried my best to take note of their instructions and finally I was able to make use of it. So here's what I did.

  1. Open your Internet Explorer, Firefox, or any available internet browser. Type in in your url browser. Don't forget the “http://“. This will bring you to your router's WLAN page setup embedded in your router's program.

  1. Please change the wireless network name ex. owners name, then apply changes. Click “Apply Changes” button and wait again for 15 seconds for the router to restart and initialize.

  2. WLAN ACCESS POINT. select the encription supported ex. WPA. passphrase, fill in the key values. ex delacruz123 this is ur network key or password in wifi connection. Then apply changes.

  3. Note: you can choose whatever type of Encryption you want to use. In this sample WPA was used. You can fill any word (letters and Numbers) that you want with this field, Just Remember the word you filled in this field, because this will serve as the password for your wireless connection

  4. Next click on the TCP/IP Setting then LAN Interface and change the IP Address and DHCP Client Range then click “Apply Changes” button and wait again for 15 seconds for the router to restart and initialize.

  5. Change the default ip address to (please note the highlighted number difference compared to the first IP address

  6. Also change the DHCP client range to to, apply changes

  7. On the browser’s URL or Address bar, type the IP address of the router which is, and then press the “enter key”. Please note this step because this is what I missed that is why I was not able to activate it the first time.

  8. Now click on the Management and click on “Status”, to check if your WAN Configuration has an IP address and that you are already connected to the internet.

I made my wireless router LP-8186 work using this process. If in case you already have programed your router using other ways and still not working, then you follow this process and still not working, I suggest that you press the reset button at the back within 20 seconds (not sure if the router should be on while reseting it, mine is running while its running, then restart it). Repeat this process all over again.

Additional Notes
In my case, there are times that my connection freezes every after changing the setting of my router. This forced me to unplug the power of the router and then put it back again for it to restart. I am not sure if that's the best solution for the freezing.

Please also note that the router is supposed to be back online after 15 seconds whenever you change the setting. If your router is working well, there is no reason for you to unplug the power of your LP-8186

Hope your CD-R King Router LP-8186 will work well just like mine. Now I am enjoying the internet service all over the house without Ethernet wirings.
For more information about the LP-8186, please visit:

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Philhosting Changing Their Hosting Plans

I have just received a notification letter from that they are now changing their hosting plans and are no longer offering the plan that I am subscribing. To have the overall picture, here's a synopsis of their notification letter:
For quality web and email hosting, we will be using our new hosting plans posted on our website For those clients that are paying for monthly basis, you can renew your current hosting plans until end of May, 2009 only. Those clients that has semi-annually and annually mode of payment will renew their account using our new hosting plans if their current subscription ends. Please be also reminded that transferring to new packages will means a new set up of your account, so it always advise that you backup all your uploaded files.
This means that if you are their client like me, we will have to back up our website and change our subscription plan a little bit.

Please do note the end of your subscription so that you will not be left in limbo when you find out that your site does not exists anymore.

But if you are planning to host your site to a real professional with a very high reputation of hosting, I strongly suggests that you go for Site Build It. But don't subscribe until you try it. Don't forget that it also offers a 30 day trial period. If you don't like their service, they will refund you with no words needed. Just tell them that you don't like their service within 30 days. So try it now.
Site Build It!

Try It NOW!!!
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How To Beat Economic Crisis In Buying Computers

Are you planning to buy a computer even in the midst of this financial crisis? I created a list on things that you can do in order to get the cheapest, yet the best deal for your computer budget.

  1. Decide first into what purpose are you going to use your computer. Is it for gaming, for encoding, for office jobs etc. This will enable you to decide which parts should cost a little higher, and which are not necessary. For example, you want to have a computer for gaming purposes, so you would have to buy a nice video card and a higher RAM with matching higher processor. You will also have to upgrade your power supply of your CPU. However, if you prefer to your pc for office work. You won't be needing a powerful video card and a high processor.Generally speaking, computer for gaming cost much than computers for office work.

  2. Now that you have decide on what kind of computer should you buy, look for some places where you can buy computers in its cheapest price. Don't forget to check eBay. In the Philippines, you can buy the cheapest gadgets on It is similar to ebay yet it differs a little bit. In ebay, the bidding depends on the buyer. In tipidpc, instead of prices going up, it goes down to the cheapest price possible. We call it bargaining.

  3. If you can assemble computer, the better. Sometimes, asking someone to assemble a computer will cost you another $20. It is very easy to assemble a computer so try upgrading yourself with the basic knowledge, and believe, it can even give you another sideline.

  4. Use Linux. If you are not for gaming, I strongly suggest that you use linux. Aside that it is safer from viruses compared to windows, most linux softwares are free. You can have Ubuntu, Mandrake, Open Suse and others. Operating Systems of Windows and Mac cost a lot. But since you are trying to beat the economic crisis, why pay more when you can have it for free.

So there you have it, 4 tips in beating economic crisis in buying your computer.

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Unlock Your iPhone Using This New Software

Just last month, I posted an article on how you can unlock your iPhone. Today, there is another way of unlocking your iPhone.It is not free but it claims that it can definitely unlock your iPhone without loosing any feature or functionality.

The report said, that as long as your iPhone falls under 4GB v1.0.0 to the latest 16GB 3G 2.2, then there should be no too much hassle. They say that using this software, you can unlock your iPhone in less than five minutes.

You can check this new software and its features on:

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