How To Beat Economic Crisis In Buying Computers

Are you planning to buy a computer even in the midst of this financial crisis? I created a list on things that you can do in order to get the cheapest, yet the best deal for your computer budget.

  1. Decide first into what purpose are you going to use your computer. Is it for gaming, for encoding, for office jobs etc. This will enable you to decide which parts should cost a little higher, and which are not necessary. For example, you want to have a computer for gaming purposes, so you would have to buy a nice video card and a higher RAM with matching higher processor. You will also have to upgrade your power supply of your CPU. However, if you prefer to your pc for office work. You won't be needing a powerful video card and a high processor.Generally speaking, computer for gaming cost much than computers for office work.

  2. Now that you have decide on what kind of computer should you buy, look for some places where you can buy computers in its cheapest price. Don't forget to check eBay. In the Philippines, you can buy the cheapest gadgets on It is similar to ebay yet it differs a little bit. In ebay, the bidding depends on the buyer. In tipidpc, instead of prices going up, it goes down to the cheapest price possible. We call it bargaining.

  3. If you can assemble computer, the better. Sometimes, asking someone to assemble a computer will cost you another $20. It is very easy to assemble a computer so try upgrading yourself with the basic knowledge, and believe, it can even give you another sideline.

  4. Use Linux. If you are not for gaming, I strongly suggest that you use linux. Aside that it is safer from viruses compared to windows, most linux softwares are free. You can have Ubuntu, Mandrake, Open Suse and others. Operating Systems of Windows and Mac cost a lot. But since you are trying to beat the economic crisis, why pay more when you can have it for free.

So there you have it, 4 tips in beating economic crisis in buying your computer.

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