Getting my hands on UBUNTU: Linux for REAL Human Beings

I guess everybody really loves FREE. When it comes to software resources, I would really grade this Operating System with a staggering 10 as the highest.

5 years ago, I tried using Ubuntu. But Ubuntu during those times are still ugly. You will still have to mount the your humble USB manually. It requires lot of knowledge first before you will be able to use Ubuntu effectively.

But guess what, time has changed after 4 years. Try Ubuntu now, and you will really see what I am saying. Here are just some nice modifications that you can see in this great software.

Easy program installation. This new feature will allow you to EASILY download programs from the net easily.

More FREE Softwares. My favorite. Ubuntu has hundreds of FREE open softwares that you can download right away.

Better graphics. I really love the new backgrounds that Ubuntu is now using.

More Games. Many don't use linux because of the lack of games. Well, to be honest, linux really lacks graphical games. But in fairness, today, Ubuntu linux has GAMES. Of course you cannot still play games like NBA and other window games. But, some of the graphix (video card based) based games are now playable in Ubuntu. It is safe to say that Ubuntu is no longer a boring software.

Free GIMP. GIMP is an open software that can work as an Adobe Photoshop in linux. I'm just not so sure if it has a feature like the Photoshop that can work with ecovers. I think this is might be the only lacking thing that GIMP has to develop. Developers should work more on developing features that can really help and make the works of Web designers and internet marketers easier.

There are more in Ubuntu. I suggest that you try it now and tell the difference.
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