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One of the most important thing to remember in designing your website is optimizing your site's functions. Let us say your design is good, but if people will find it difficult in finding the content they want, then they will just leave your site without a word. When they do that, it means a lost from you.

First, make sure that your content can be read well. Try to space out the lines of your text accordingly. It must be readable and title must clearly identify that it is a title. In my case, I make sure that the title is in bold text and it has a bigger font compared to their paragraphs. Most of the time I give them different colors while I leave the text paragraph in black. I also make the subtopics in italics. Make sure the the text fonts of your paragraph is not too small. Do not make it too big either for it may leave a shocking impression for your website. Font 11-13 may be a good size for content texts.

Secondly, make sure that your visitor can find the content of your site easier to search. You may want to add a glossary for your site or an SQL-driven data base. You can also use the google search if you like. Adding a Site Map can also be useful for your site. Place a good title in each Navbar that you will be adding.These things will be very useful especially if you have thousands of content in your site.

Avoid using too much graphical content for your site. This is one of the common mistakes of website makers. They use too much graphics in their websites that as a result, it loads very slowly. I have seen so many sites that always have a problem in loading because of too much graphics. And this could mean losing your visitor and money. Fifteen seconds is the average length that most surfers is willing to wait for your website to load. You know what they will do beyond that. Web surfers hate sites that loads up very slow. Graphics are good to look at, but too much of it can destroy your online business

Finally, make sure that your links work well. This is not only true to website makers, but also to internet marketers. I have experienced recieving emails from professional internet marketers giving me links to their free gifts. Unfortunately, their links does not work. That is a big minus point from them especially after claiming that they were professionals. If internet marketer needs to be careful with their links, how much more for website makers? Make sure that your links work.

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