Mini Notebooks: The Down Side

It cannot be denied that mini notebooks such as Asus Eee and HP 2133 have already gained a market. These notebooks can definitely do the basic works of a laptop. But what are the down side of these mini notebooks?

1. Currently (because there might be a change in the future), mini notebooks have a smaller storage capacity. Asus Eee, when it first came out the market was very attractive, yet when I tried to check its hard drive, it is only 4 G. And what software can you install with 4G now?

2. Most of them don't have a CD/DVD drive. This is a downside especially if you are a movie watcher. Currently, a flash drive with 8G is still a little expensive. Furthermore, you will have to put all your software in your CD or DVD in your flash drive first before you will be able to install your favorite software into these mini notebooks. And for all you know, CD/DVD is not yet out in the market. And even if it will, Blue Ray is still their close relative.

3. Most Mini Notebooks have a smaller RAM. This caused me to think more if I really need a mini notebook or not. We all know that in a computer, there are generally 3 things that we have to see in the specification to know whether or not, our PC is fast; the processor, RAM, and the video card. Either one of those is slow, it will greatly affect the speed of your PC/laptops.

4. Most of them are more expensive when it comes to "cost-benefit" analysis. I would say that if I have to choose a laptop that cost $300 vs. a mini notebook that cost $200, I will still choose the $300 especially if their specs differences are far apart.

5. Most of them have more limited capabilities. I used to think before that Mini Notebooks can do whatever the regular laptops can. But as of now, I am convinced that it still cannot outdo the regular laptops in its capabilities. If we are only going to consider these downside and we really value our money, regular laptops can definitely trash mini notebooks out.

In the end, as buyers we are still the one to decide. If you are always on the move and you doesn't have to consider the downsides that I have mentioned, then feel free to have one. I can say that they are still cool gadgets. It's just I want to value my money especially in times of crisis.

But, there is no doubt that mini laptops manufacturers can make their products more attractive in the future by improving the RAM, hard drive, and its other features in lower prices. Then, I should have no reason why not buy mini notebooks.

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Andy Howard on January 9, 2009 at 8:33 PM said...

I believe I will have to dissagree. I have an Acer Aspire One A150. The specs on it are 160GB HD, 1GB ram, and an Intel video card. So far, it can keep up with my Acer Aspire 4720Z laptop. The 4720Z was a $600 laptop about a year ago too. Also it can run World of Warcraft decently.

Vince on January 10, 2009 at 2:12 AM said...

Well, that's the newer version of mini notebooks. I am talking about super mini notebooks such as Asus Eee, the one that only has 4G Hard disk and 1G RAM and cost between $300-$400. Meaning, I am talking about mini notebooks about 2 years ago which is still in the market. :)

Newer models now like the one that you have only differs from laptops with its size.

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