Review on MSI Hybrid Notebook U115

About two years ago, I was thinking if hard discs will be replaced by any memory cards. The dawn of digital memory cards have been a great leap to any computer enthusiasts. And guess what, hard discs now are being replaced by SSD drives (for more information about SSD, click HERE)

Now, welcome to another step of laptop technology. A laptop that uses SSD, MSI U115, or something they call, the laptop with "hybrid storage".

Here's some of the specs:

The MSI U115 will be available with an 8GB SSD/80GB HDD, a 16GB SSD/120GB HDD, or a 32GB SSD/160GB HDD. The netbook will also use the Intel Atom Z530 processor, not the N270 chip used in the MSI Wind U100 and many other current generation mini-laptops. The Z530 uses less power than the N270, which should help prolong battery life. (Source:

Pretty cool isn't it??? You will store your OS in SSD and the rest of the program will use HDD.

The real question however is, what is the main benefit of SSD? SSD is actually smaller than HDD. But the greatest advantage it has is that, it does not have any moving parts unlike the HDD. For manufacturers, it is a lot cheaper than hard discs, and the weight of HDD and the SSD is a big difference. HDD is heavier. For the physical aspect, I think SSD is a lot better compared to HDD.

Let us talk about its performance. They say that SSD is a lot faster than HDD. Hmmm... I think this is true.

My biggest question is this; will MSI U115 stands the test of static electricity and magnetic field? Well, as far as I know, any memory card that uses this kind of technology is ultra sensitive against any magnetic field.

I think manufacturers have made their way up to this. But I think they should try to work this out and assure the public that it is much safer to use the SSD than HDD. It is painful to loose a file, how much more for a one whole drive of files?

MSI U115 might be one of its kind as of now. I just do hope that manufacturers will further develop a safer, more durable SSD.

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