Welcome Solar Powered Phone: Blue Earth of Samsung

Even cellphone companies are now thinking green. Why not? Now that our world is facing lots of problems with global warming and economic crisis, it is only reasonable that we go to alternative renewable energy. It might be a little pricy now but I think this will be a good investment in the long run.

The Blue Earth of Samsung is built out of recycled water bottles. It also has a pedometer that tells you how many trees that you saved by walking instead of driving. It is the first touch screen phone with a solar panel at the back of the phone but without sacrificing the camera feature.

The solar panel is said to run the phone for 3 minutes in 10 minutes charging time using the solar panel. Not bad at all, especially in times that you have runned out of batteries.

In addition, Blue Earth has a widget-friendly TouchWiz interface and dedicated Talk and End buttons. It also comes with Bluetooth, Eco Mode and Eco Walk.

The price, internal storage capacity, media features and other data capabilities is not yet disclosed. I will be waiting for its coming updates.

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