Issues From Friendster's Gcash Feature

There are some comments going around the Gcash feature of Friendster. Some people are really worried about this feature because Friendster has not proven itself to be trusted when it comes to security purposes. There has been many incidents of spamming. I myself is a victim of these Friendster spams. I think this is a valid concern for this feature especially that it now involves money transfers.

I think one of the issues that Friendster should work on first is the logging off issue. Though many Filipinos now have their own internet connections in their homes (thanks to Globe and Smart) still millions of Filipinos mostly students are using Internet Cafe's for their internet connection. Friendster therefore needs to consider to reconfigure their “logging off” process.

In some social networking sites, once you close the browser, your account of that particular social sites will automatically logged off. Unlike in Friendster, unless you explicitly logged off, your account will still be logged in even after rebooting your computer. And this is a very unsecured way of having a membership sites and a big disadvantage of those who goes to Internet Cafes.

On the other hand, instead of murmuring, here are some tips that you can do to prevent hackers from your account:

  1. Make sure that your account has been properly logged off before you leave the internet cafe.

  2. Double check your account if you have properly logged off. You can do this by clicking the log out button, close your browser, and launch a new browser and go to the log in page again. If you see that your account is still open, then click log off, and do the same process.

  3. Be sure that you don't click the check box that says something like: “Remember Me, Keep Me Signed In, Automatically Sign In”, etc. If there is a check in the box, click it once to uncheck it. Do this step especially if you are in Internet Cafes.

  4. If the three reminders above doesn't work, try to restart the computer, or ask the Internet Cafe attendant to help you restart the computer.

Most hacking happens because of our negligence and carelessness in using membership sites. Of course, membership site owners are partially to be blamed for it. But the point is, where ever we are, we need to be responsible to things that we use, even to our internet membership accounts.

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