Chikka Probably Not Compatible With Ubuntu

I tried installing Chikka Messenger in my Ubuntu using WINE. Downloading the files is never a problem. I installed it perfectly. To my dismay, all other parts of the installed new software are running perfectly except the Chikka Messenger itself.

I really do not know the issues behind the program. But Chikka is suppose to be a very light program that can easily be run through WINE. But the fact is, it won't work in my Acer Aspire 4330 with Ubuntu. I am not making a conclusion that Chikka can not be run inside Ubuntu, but it is PROBABLY incompatible with Ubuntu.

I would love to try Yahoo Messenger soon. So watch for my updates.

Chikka Messenger is a messenger used for FREE Cellphone Texting. This is a great program that will really save your load in your cellphones. This software run in Windows.

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