Review on LG KP500 Cookie

At last, LG500 is finally here. It's not a high end phone in comparison to iPhone or Omnia. But just like what everybody says, "you get what you paid for".

Nonetheless, LG500 Cookie has no other rival as of the moment being a semi-hi-end phone. It costs only somewhere from Php 11,000-12,000, a huge difference from Ominia and iPhone.

A small phone that can be grasp in your palm, Cookie is also excellent in its Active UI (user interface) being a touch screen phone, having an improved no-delay feature. This also comes with stylus with a little use because of easy navigation feature.

It has an 11.9mm real slim body, with matching 3" display screen, plus hand writing recognition function. A real sleek feature for a cheaper price.

Some set backs:
It has a modified audio jack which means that you cannot use the regular audio jack 2.3mm or 3.5mm (an additional proprietary intention of LG probably).

It has a 3.0Mega Pixel Camera with mediocre photo output.

LG500 Cookie is not a hi-end touch screen phone. But it can do serve its purpose, to ditch the stylus with touch screen feature. It's not that expensive which means that it can be a good alternative against the hi-end touch screen phones.

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