Review on Coby DVD 209 Player

This small sleek amazing DVD player really caught my attention of giving it a review. I just bought it and tested it. Coby DVD 209 is 1.35” thick and approximately 6” width x 4” height. This sleek DVD player comes with a sleek ,small remote control.

Covering a wide range of DVD recognition formats, this small yet powerful DVD player can definitely deliver the movie that you want to see. It doesn't matter whether or not the copy is original, it can play original DVDs and even the DVD+/- RW, CD RW, etc.

The biggest advantage that it has is that, of all portable DVD players that I have seen and tested, this is definitely in top 5.

But here are some facts that you may want to consider:

This Coby DVD 209 player is USA patented, but has in its back “Made in China”. Its parts probably came from the US, but it was assembled in China.

This DVD player has a wide range of DVD format recognition, but still not as wide as those generic DVD players (also China Made), that are also real cheap players. This is why if you downloaded a movie from Torrent sites and burn it on a DVD RW, it has a bigger chance that it will not play.


If you are using original and copied DVD's even those 16 in 1 movies, this DVD player can be a complete replacement of your DVD players. But if you are used to download movies from the net and burn it on a DVD, I think you have to think twice.

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