Ultimate Plugin Smart Update Pinger Review

I've been using wordpress in one of my blogs. I came to know the UPSUP from one of the blog gurus that highly recommends it for it does the pinging automatically and solving one of the pinging bugs in the default wordpress. And this plugin is really cool and it does a lot of help.

However, after a good deal of time observing this plugin, I found out that it has some detrimental effects especially if your wordpress blog is being hosted in a shared server. Ultimate Plugin Smart Update Pinger really slows down the posting time and consume a large amount of CPU effort which sometime causes server to crash.

In my personal experience, I had my site suspended for having a CPU spike of 140++ while posting. The tech support guy told me that it was really necessary for my site to be suspended for it may cause damage to other sites in the same server. Shew.... and that caused me a two-day downtime. They made investigation if my site has been hacked, or was caused by some scripts, or if I made some deceiving modifications.

So I told them that they have to reactivate my site so that I can deactivate some plugins including the UPSUP. It is because in my observation, if UPSUP is active, my posting time takes me up to 20-30 seconds before it makes a post. After deactivating it, I only now have about 5-8 seconds of posting time.

Well, here's the thing. I admit that UPSUP is such a great plugin. But definitely it slows down your site which may also cause you being banned from your hosts. My advice, if you are using it on a dedicated server, go on then. But if you are only paying a small amount of money in exchange for a shared hosting, then better to look for another plugin.

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