The Best Hosting Company in the Philippines

I've just finished transferring to a new hosting service company locally here in the Philippines. And I just want to share my experience with this hosting service provider and give a commendation for their exemplary customer service.
has been operating now for several years and has build up a pretty good reputation of delivering a very good service. Here are just some of the things that convinced me in giving this commendation:

1. Real Cheap. If you are looking for a real cheap hosting company, I believe that this hosting company has been giving one of the cheapest offers that you can find in the Philippines. Considering their performance and support, I believe that they even have over delivered what you have paid for.

We are already used to the saying, “You'll get what you paid for”, but this is not true with this hosting company, “You'll get MORE than what you paid for.”

2. EXCELLENT Customer Service – This is where I got most excited with this hosting company. With my desire to transfer my website to a better hosting service provider, I tried searching the net for local hosting companies that can really deliver what I need. I have inquired several hosting companies and some of them replied after a few days. I kept on searching until I came across and to my surprise, they have a real online support.

I already have seen several hosting companies that offers online support, but when you check them, they are most of the time offline. But unlike this one, they are online most of the time. And even if you have an urgent inquiry about your account with them, they will try their best to respond to your email to see to it that you are not left in limbo.

One time it's holiday and I am really having a problem with my site. So I tried to email the tech support hoping that they will answer after two days because of a long holiday. To my surprise, an answer came in to my inbox after 3 hours, in the midst of holiday. And guess what who responded? The owner of himself.

3. Best Hosting Plans – I think they have the best hosting plans. As for me, I took the Standard hosting plan which gives me 1GB space, 20GB Bandwith, unlimited subdomains and email accounts and many more. All these for Php 1200.00 (about $25) a year only. Yes it is a shared hosting, but they still have a fast service.

To summarize what I am saying, here's their press release video:

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