Ubuntu 9.04 Released: A Preview to The Improvements

Today, I would just like to give a note to my readers that Ubuntu 9.04 has already been released and has been improved. Generally, the looks doesn't have so much improvement. But what's more important is the underneath features.

Before we go to some important improvement, to those who do not know Ubuntu, Ubuntu is a TOTALLY FREE Linux Operating System which is one of the best the you can have out there. So if you are running Windows, it is similar to it in the sense that it is also an operating system, but totally different in its operational environment.

Ok, the improvements. Here are some of the notable improvements as mentioned to the video clip below.
1. Braseo Disc Burning - They just arranged it in a way that is very user friendly.
2. Computer Janitor - The new clean up program which Ubuntu 8.04 and 8.10 doesn't have.
3. New Themes and New Wallpapers.
4. Fonts have been improved.
5. Shut down times has been improved.
6. Open Office - The Open Office is now in version 3 unlike in Ubuntu 8, the default is still in version 2.4.

I think this is all that I can take note of. I suggest you watch the clip below to it for yourself.

For your information, I strongly recommend UBUNTU if your computer is dedicated to office use. It is far more stable than Windows and has been highly improved since the first time it came out. And the best of all, it is almost virus free.

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