Some of the Latest Gadgets

First, the Keyboard. A highly sophisticated laser keyboard is on the roll now. It is composed of two sets of lasers. The upper one sets up your keboard once you click it on, and the other one in the lower portion of the gadget senses the lights of your keyboard. Once you stroke a key, it automatically signals the computer that you just pressed that certain key.

Second is the hand scanner. I was amazed when I saw this video. This is the first time that I saw a hand held scanner. It is just about as thick as ballpen, but about 8.5 inches long. All you have to do is to put the document in a flat surface. And from the top, you place the scanner and just allow it to pass through the document and that's it. Your document as been automatically saved in the scanner's memory which you can connect to your computer.

Third, the ebookreader. Today, ebooks is what's in now. I am not saying that printed books are going out of the market, but what I am saying is that ebooks now are digital format of books now. These ebook reader can store up your ebooks. Instead of bringing huge heavy books, if you have it in digital format, you can carry your whole library in just a notebook size, notebook weight ebook reader. Amazing isn't it?

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