Company of Heroes' Review

One of the best game that I ever played that portrays reality is Company of Heroes. With a high video quality and realistic sound, Company of Heroes will definitely run your imagination of what it really means to be at war.

But what I like the most inside the game is the very realistic movements of the characters.You will see medics gathering the wounded soldiers, the sporadic bullet lights inside while under fire, the blowing away of soldiers with granade and other bomb weapons including tanks not to mention the sticky bombs of the Allied powers. Plus a very detailed graphics when zoomed.

Accompanied the reliastic actions is the realistic sound effects. It's sound adds to the intensity of the gaming experience. You will hear realistic sound of bombing, machine guns, and even pistols.

However, the only thing that I don't like in this game is the very limited amount of troops that can produce. If they only allow an unlimited number of units that can be produced, this game will might take over Starcraft.

Minimum System Requirements

OS: Windows XP or ViSTA

Processor: 2.0 Ghz Intel Pentium 4 or equivalent

RAM: 512MB

Video Memory: 64 MB

HDD Space: 6500 MB

Recommended System Requirements

OS: Windows XP or ViSTA

Processor: 3.0 Ghz Intel Pentium or equivalent

RAM: 1024 MB

Video Memory: 256 MB

HDD Space: 6500 MB

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