Review For Dell Poweredge 2450 server 2U With Ubuntu

Dell Poweredge 2450 server 2U(no I'm not kidding)

CPU: 2 - PIII, 1 Mhz, 256K cache
MB: Dell 35XYT, Dell PERC 3/Di: SCSI-3 Raid controller, 3-64/32bit PCI riser, onbaord VGA 8MB/2x USB/LAN/2x PS2/2x serial/1 par.
Memory: 1GB, ECC (2 x 512MB), 133 Mhz
HD: 4 x 9.1GB SCSI-UW2 in raid0=36GB(sys), 1 x 250GB IDE (seagate), 1 x 320GB ext USB (seagate)
Tuner Card: 1 x Happauge PVR 150 PCI, 1 x Kworld HD Plus 120 PCI(doesn't work, yet)

Performance: All hardware functioning except the Kworld card.
Once I got Ubuntu/Myth installed and setup backend(a couple of hurdles, although nothing linux/ubuntu related.)everything works great on OTA NTSC programming using the PVR 150. However, I'm still working on getting the HD plus 120 working - would like go "HD" w/ myth. Obviously, I'll have to upgrade my frontends to support "HD", but was hoping my current backend could handle it. I'm confident that I could run 2 more NTSC encoding tuners without problems. I did try an external USB drive set up as my default recording folder and the recordings turned out choppy w/ dropped frames - now its backups only.

Frontend: Salvaged Sony VAIO

CPU: PIII, 933 Mhz, 256k L2.
MB: ASUS(sony branded) CUSL-LV w/ snd, lan,2x USB
Memory: 512MB (2x 256B)
HD: 40 GB IDE, 80 GB IDE (windows XP)
Video: nVidia MX400, 64MB
Tuner Card: none

Performance: All hardware works except an ATI TV wonder USB wireless remote.
Playback/liveTV is fine till I open another window like firefox browser, then it will drop a few frames here and there. I use this interface more for managing recordings than viewing, so its really not an issue. The ATI remote wasn't a priority - I just had it lying around and thought why not. I think it'll work eventually.

Frontend 2: Softmodded Xbox

Info: Other than dashboard/software, everthing else is original Xbox

Performance: XBMC works great, but...........
Softmodded and installed XBMC no problems. Unable to install myth or get the mythtv python script to work on XBMC (tried many methods many times). However, Video playback is exceptional - Hardware MPEG2 decoder?
One other small glitch I've noticed is when exiting a video, sometimes it takes about 30-45 sec to return to the folder and it appears empty. I then have to go back one folder and return to see my recordings - not sure if this is backend storage issue or xbox config.
Pri. Backend: Poweredge 2450 2U server, dual PIII, 1G ram, SCSI raid, 250G IDE HD, PVR150, Kworld 120 (ATSC) Frontend1: Intel PIII 900MHZ, Sony MB, 512 Mb pc133 ram, Nvidia mx400 64mb AGP,

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Heri on August 6, 2012 at 11:10 PM said...

Hi very informative post! We have a Dell PowerEdge 2450 laying around doing nothing, and my friend asked to set up a server for him so he has a dedicated system to do some Drupal work. I said, no problem….. Boy was I in for it.
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