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Pidgin is a messenger client that is readily installed if you are using Ubuntu 8.04. It is a great tool for chatting. The interface is very simple and easy to use. You can use it for your AIM, YM, Google Messenger, MSN, etc. All you have to do is integrate your account with this very simple software.

However, Pidgin is not in its outstanding form. I think if you are an internet marketer, you should think twice if you are going to use pidgin or some other applications that are alike.

There is no webcam video system. To Pidgin developers, we are no longer living in a world of analog computers. Our cellphones even have cams. Using 3G in cellphones was adopted around 4 years ago, and now you developed a very potential tool for Linux OS without developing the webcam and audio system. This makes the potential users to turn their backs on this “supposed to be” wonderful software.

In my personal point of view, webcams and audio phones are badly needed by internet users and how much more by an internet marketer. One of the reasons why Linux was a little behind for internet marketers is that most of the tools that they need cannot be found in Linux, like ebook cover maker, video and audio conferencing tools. I think Linux developers need to develop these things to make Linux a little more attractive.

I would say that Ubuntu is really a great operating system. But due to the lack of interactive softwares or unfinished software projects makes it a little hard to be adopted by many internet users.

If you are a Linux software developer, please, make something that is more useful and more interactive that can be used easily by internet users. If you can do this, then I would say, Linux is on its way to overtake Microsoft in its window based systems.

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