Why Change To UBUNTU?

Why Do We Need To Change To Ubuntu?

A friend of mine has a window 7, and he said window 7 still have lots of bugs and is hard to find suitable drivers for it.

If you are really looking for a fully licensed, fully functional operating system for your office, I strongly suggest that you switch to Linux particularly Ubuntu.

Here's the common reasons why people are hesitant to change to ubuntu:

  1. They cannot use their Window based softwares particularly games, and in our case as ministers, Bible softwares. But then again, I already have discovered a solution on this as I have posted in my tech blog.
  2. They cannot use the "Web Cam-Audio" feature of their laptop. This is because Ubuntu hass no "Client Messenger" that really supports this. But when it comes to messenger, there is completely no problem. This is also the only negative feedback that I can say against UBUNTU.
  3. They are already satisfied with what they have learned at first. Changing to UBUNTU is like changing a cellphone. You will have to get used to the arrangement of buttons, words used inside the system, etc.

But they are almost the same basically. It's just you need to get used to it. Once you get used to it, you will really enjoy it.

Reasons Why Change To UBUNTU
  1. Ubuntu is simply more secure than that of Windows. I am not saying that it is a hacker free OS, but simply more secure.
  2. Does not require tremendous amount of RAM. If you have a laptop about 2 years old, that has 80G HDD, 512MB RAM, you can still run the latest edition of UBUNTU, but these cannot run ViSTA and windows 7. In short, it has a very low requirement.
  3. Ubuntu is 99% Virus Free. It's not 100% because there are some virus that exists in linux world, but it is very rare.
  4. More stable. In my personal experience for almost a year of having ubuntu in my laptop, I really didn't have problem of slow down despite of the fact that I am already using 75% of my total hard drive. Try that in windows and it will take eternity for you just to boot up.
  5. COMPLETELY FREE. Are you a minister or a pastor? If you are, are you using pirated software of windows? If you do, then here is a replacement, completely free, completely legal. Why don't you change?

It's a step of faith to change in UBUNTU if you are already used with Windows. Hehehe... Hope this can be a blessing!!!

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http://makabayan.org.ph on September 3, 2009 at 7:16 AM said...

Simply, Ubuntu is better than microsoft when it comes to security and 'viruses'.

Microsoft has many unimportant features for a personal user even in 'Home' editions.

Vince on September 3, 2009 at 7:03 PM said...

I do agree with that.:)

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