A FileZilla Problem With Ubuntu

For all the FTP software that I was able to use, I would say that Filezilla is one of the best.

However, if you are using Filezilla in Ubuntu, there might be a little problem. Until now I haven’t solve this problem. If for example you are going to edit a php file, in windows, you can simply right click it and click edit.

However in ubuntu, when you right click it and click edit, you will be asked to set the editor, in which case, gedit is Ubuntu’s default text editor. And then you will be asked to browse the “exe” file command…. and my biggest problem is, where in the world will I look for that “exe” file command? I don’t know. Perhaps, you can try searching it and let me know about it.

Please do note that I don’t have any problem in using Filezilla in my windows because it sets the default file editor automatically, the Notepad.

Before I end, Filezilla by the way is TOTALLY FREE and FULLY FUNCTIONAL, NOT TRIAL, FTP Software.

If you have any answer, please let me know, post it below. Thanks!!!

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