Cash For Content Review

Product Name: Cash for Content
Author: Matthew Sherborne
Pages: 123
Price: $49.97

Upon looking at this eBook, I really thought that this is just like all the other eBooks that I have read that tells you all the same thing. As a reviewer and maker of an eBook, I am looking for something unique and very useful. Most readers don’t really need an eBook that comes from Private Label Right articles that has been put together without editing.

When it comes to uniqueness, I will rate this book (1-5) with 5 stars. It is unique in its presentation. The usefulness, I will give this book with 5 stars. This is the biggest asset of this book. Do you really want to start an online income right away? Buy this eBook. It tells you and teaches you in a detailed way on how you can earn income in many ways. The good thing is it gives you the LINKS to the sites that are really intended to help you get started for an online income. Unlike other eBooks, they will tell you to join affiliates but will not give you a link to a good one, or sometimes tells you to join a review club without giving you the link of a good one. This makes it unique and useful because he gives you useful links.

How about its profitability? Well, the facts that he gave you the links (with good preview of the sites) and gave a short review to each one; the more you can well decide where to join.

Is the price ok? I think, it compensates your money. Here’s what you get from $49.97
1. The very useful and profitable eBook itself which I can agree with its value at $97.
2. The Master Resale Rights of the eBook which has value of $297.
3. The Bonus: “Cash for Content Toolbox” $27.

Is that all? That’s what you get if you buy directly to the author himself. But if buy from me, I will give you three more extra bonus eBooks that you will surely love.
1. Blog It Bloggers worth $19 – 23 pages
2. 21 Income Streams worth $27 – 37 pages
3. Fast Track to Online Profits $27 – 39 pages

Another thing that I want to point out, have you encountered sites that asks you to pay them for you to earn an income? This eBook gives you the links to sites that are free to join, but you still will earn an income.

Strength: Usability and Unique, compensate the price.
Weakness: The Price easily turns off buyers without knowing the useful content.
Overall Rate: Excellent in content and usefulness.


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